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Lantern, Railroad
Dietz Vesta Lantern. Cold blast lantern, clear globed lantern used by railway brakemen to give common rail signals made by swinging the lantern. This Dietz Vesta is the short globed model #6 which was in production in the US from 1923 – 1956.

Marks on this piece include the Dietz Vesta symbol barely visible (due to rust damage) on the top of the lantern, CNX imprinted on the globe, B & M painted on the globe, and the words: Kerosene Oil takes Dietz Vesta Globe around the burner.

CNX is the Corning maker's mark and stands for Corning No–Nex, this type of glass was patented in 1902 and for the most part discontinued in 1995.

B & M is the symbol for the Boston & Main Railway. Dietz Vesta lamps were especially popular in the NE United States. Boston and Maine Railway operated under that name from 1843 – 1990 and still exists today as a non operating ward of Pan Am.
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Dietz Vesta LanternDietz Vesta Lantern
Dietz Vesta Fuel CapDietz Vesta Fuel Cap
Dietz Vesta CapDietz Vesta Cap
Deitz VestaDeitz Vesta
B & M MarkB & M Mark
CNX and Made in the USA MarksCNX and Made in the USA Marks
Deitz Vesta BaseDeitz Vesta Base