Railway Lanterns
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Lamp, Railroad
Railroad Marker Lamp made by Hiram L. Piper Co. Ltd. of Montreal, Canada. The lamp is painted black and has one red and three green lenses. All lenses are the bullseye type. Missing some paint in places. One panel slides up to give access to the burner inside. The burner is missing its glass chimney.

The lamp has the mark H L P M on the top for Hiram L. Piper Montreal. On the sliding panel door it is marked Piper Montreal and CPR for Canadian Pacific Railway. On the burner it is marked H. L. Piper Co. Ltd. Montreal and around the top of the burner it reads Adlake long lasting burner. Long time burners could burn for 5 – 10 day unlike the one day burners.

H. L. Piper was the official distributor and manufacturer for Adlake products in Canada. The company was in business from 1902 to apparently sometime in the 1990s. However, it moved its operations to Montreal in 1978.

The lamp was used on the Canadian Pacific Railroad which operated in Canada from 1886 to the present.

Marker lamps were used at the end of the train or caboose to mark the end of the train with red lights if it was moving and with green lights if the train was passable.
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Piper Co. Marker LampPiper Co. Marker Lamp
Piper Co. Marker LampPiper Co. Marker Lamp
H L P M maker's markH L P M maker's mark
Marker Lamp TopMarker Lamp Top
CPR mark on sliding doorCPR mark on sliding door
Piper Montreal mark on sliding doorPiper Montreal mark on sliding door
Marker Lamp InteriorMarker Lamp Interior
Adlake Long Time BurnerAdlake Long Time Burner
Burner Close upBurner Close up