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Lamp, Railroad
Adlake Marker Lamp. Metal lamp, painted black, with three green and one red lens of the bullseye type. Has a sliding panel that provides access to the burner. At some point in the objects history it was modified to house an electric light bulb. This was likely done by the railway that used it.

The top of the lamp is marked with: the Adlake Non – Sweating Lamp Chicago. Under the top rim it also is stamped with the word Left to indicate which side of the caboose it hung on. On the wall bracket is the number 12288. The burner has "Use Kerosene Oil Only/ The/ Adams & Westlake CO./ New York – Phila. – Chicago" printed on it.

There is no indication which railway used this lamp.

The lamp is likely from the earlier part of the twentieth century as Adlake moved its manufacturing from Chicago to Elkhart, IN in 1927.

Marker lamps were used to mark the end of the train with red lights if it was moving and with green lights if it was passable.
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Adlake Marker LampAdlake Marker Lamp
Adlake Marker LampAdlake Marker Lamp
Adlake MarkAdlake Mark
Left MarkLeft Mark
Adlake Marker LampAdlake Marker Lamp
12288 mark12288 mark
Marker Lamp door panelMarker Lamp door panel
Marker lamp interiorMarker lamp interior
Adlake BurnerAdlake Burner