Railway Lanterns
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Lantern, Railroad
Adlake "Reliable" tall globed dead flame lantern. Cap says "The Adams & Westlake Co./ 'Adlake"/ Reliable/ New York Chicago Phila." The lower brim of the cap says GNRY for Great Northern Railway and the edge says "patented Sept.21.1897 May5.1908 –2– Pats. Jan.26.1909 – Nov.28.1911 –2– pats. July 2.1912 – Apr 1.1913. It has a red glass globe cast with the letters G.N.R.y. and Cnx for Corning Nonex the manufacturer of the globe. The lantern is in excellent condition the base of the cage is slightly warped but other than that it is in very clean like new condition.
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Adlake Reliable LanternAdlake Reliable Lantern
GNRy glass logoGNRy glass logo
Cap viewCap view
GNRY cap logoGNRY cap logo