Railway Lanterns
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Lantern, Railroad
Deitz XLCR (Excelsior) No. #9 dead flame, tall globe, bell bottomed switch man's lamp. The cap is marked with the Deitz logo in the center and around the rim it says No. 39 X.C.L.R. New York USA. The kerosene well insert says Deitz New York, with a thumb wheel that says P&A Manufacturing Co./ Made in the USA. (Plume and Atwood) It is missing its insulated bail cover which was either fiber or rubber. The bail cover allowed the lamp to be used around electric equipment on electric trollys or railroads. It is also missing its globe and the wire cage is warped and center horizontal wire is broken in one place. There are several small rust holes on the cap and chimney but the peice is very clean and somewhate rare. It was likely used between 1914–1925 more likely toward the end of this range.
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Deitz XL CR lanternDeitz XL CR lantern
Dietz capDietz cap
XLCR close upXLCR close up
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