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Operate a Train

Master the Skills to Operate a Train in the Running Trades Program

Have you ever wanted to learn to blow the whistle when a train crosses the tracks; Wanted to be a railway engineer; or shout ALL-ABOARD? People come from across the region to the Northwest Railway Museum to learn how to operate our train. Our Train Crew are likely the most visible and memorable faces at our museum. Train Crew volunteers are responsible for the safe operation of our train and providing information on the museum programs, events, and collection. Each position on Train Crew is unique. Car Attendants assist and interact with passengers; Conductors are responsible for the movement of the train and passenger safety; Brakemen and Firemen maintain a clear track and call out switches and signals. Engineers can learn how to operate and maintain our diesel and steam engines.

Training Program

Start your experience by joining our train crew with our weekend railway operations. Begin by learning basic train operations as a conductor’s assistant. Take the rules test and learn the skills of car attendant and switchman. Then the move up to Fireman and Rearbrake before training as Conductor and Engineer!

Steam Program

After mastering the basics of train operations join us on special events for Steam Train with Northern Pacific Locomotive 924.

Steam locomotive 924, an 1899 Roger’s built 0-6-0 served the Northern Pacific Railway in Washington until 1923 and continued in service for the Inland Empire Paper Company until donated to the Museum in 1969. Today the 924 is a King County Landmark.

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